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Frequently Asked Questions

Making the decision to begin counselling therapy can be a challenging process for many reasons. It can be a vulnerable decision and it is common for many to wonder if there is something negative or wrong about going to counselling. That is simply untrue, as many who go to counselling may begin to feel the benefits after only one or two sessions or before they even begin (the relief of having made the decision). Speaking with a non-judgmental, supportive person, like a counsellor, can bring relief and create fundamental shifts. That being said, many experience the benefits of counselling after anywhere from 6-12 sessions, or find it helpful to remain in counselling ongoingly.

This first session is unique in that it is about getting to know each other. I may ask questions to gather a better understanding of what has happened and what is happening for you, in order to better support you in the ongoing counselling process. We may discuss what has worked for you, what has not, your goals, approaches to issues and growth, and what has influenced you, supported, or hindered you from your perspective. The first session is about building trust, and with time the therapeutic relationship formed can become a powerful space to support self-exploration, growth and changes.

You will need to check with your particular insurance coverage to ensure that it covers Registered Clinical Counselling. Upon payment, I will send you an online receipt that you will be able to submit to your health insurance company for reimbursement.
I am able to direct bill for First Nations Health Authority sessions, Crime Victim Assistance Program sessions, as well as to some Greenshield or Blue Cross benefits.

I tend to tread carefully on this topic, as this is a personalized approach to counselling and not for everyone. I do believe that for many it can be useful and build upon the learning from the sessions. This work might look like reading short articles, books, listening to podcasts, practicing techniques we have learned in sessions, journaling, etc.

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all needed to adapt in various ways, and counselling has been no exception! In addition to in-person counselling, I am offering a secure Zoom pro platform for online counselling as well as telephone call or text sessions.
Telephone and Zoom can provide convenient, easy scheduling options that fit in with your commitments and daily activities.

It can be both a benefit and a challenge to engage in online counselling from the comforts of your own home or office. It can be helpful to do your best to minimize distractions before a session, such as silencing cell phone notifications, wearing headphones to minimize background distractions, and finding ways of gaining privacy by having a room to speak in with a door to close. Sometimes it can’t be helped that pets, children, roommates, or other factors need your attention and that is okay, too. Taking notes before a session of topics you’d like to work on or discuss can be helpful and work to focus an online session, as well as ensuring your phone has enough battery life, and wifi connection is adequate for a good signal for connection.